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AkrylDek s.r.o.

The company AkrylDek s.r.o. comes to international market with unique and exceptional material Dekorakryl ANLI. We offer wide scale of decorative resin panels with embeded products of nature ( grass, leaves, blooms. bamboo or river stones). Resin panel is ecologically clean without negative impact to human organism, therefore is widely used both in commercial and private interiors. It creates cozy environment for successful work and pleasant relaxation. Decorative resin panels are designated for furniture producers, architects, designers, construction companies and other processors.

Our services:

Our principles are individual aproach to customers, quality, professionalism and trust.

About the company

Activities of our company started in 2009 as ADIANA INTERIO s.r.o.. Since that time we grew and changed our business name to AkrylDek s.r.o. in 2014.  We succeded to create team of experienced professionals, who are able to solve various problems.  AkrylDek collective is compilation of real masters of their field. They together create good image of our company as promising and responsible partner. High qualification, big professional potential, self-education ability - these are obvious qualities of our specialists. The company takes care of regular trainings of the staff.  We build up our qualification and improve work processes. Main task in our human resources department is to harmonize company goals with the needs of our colleagues. Success of the company is success of our people.

Main regions of our operation: European Union, Scandinavia, and Central Asia

Even if circumstances can change, our principles last: