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Basic information about the material - DEKORAKRYL resin panels

Dekorakryl resin panels are made from Polymethylmethacrylate, commonly known as plexiglass or acrylic glass. We produce sandwich plexiglass panels with embeded flowers or pebble stones.

Dekorakryl resin panel is great alternative for glass and other common materials. That's why it finds wide range of use in interior design, especially for: 

Dekorakryl resin panel has more advantages. The most important are these:

Dekorakryl resin panel has thermal resistance certified up to 80°C.

Due to technical characteristics and natural filling, Dekorakryl resin panel is not suitable for:



Cleaning and maintaince:



DeLuxe Collection (PETG) is new type of material. It is made by pressing several layers of plastic.

DeLuxe Collection (PS) is material made by pressing several layers of plastic.

Microscopic bubbles can appear at DeLuxe PS collection, especially at molded grasses. The customer is supposed to agree sample of the decor before order confirmation.

Classic Collection (PMMA) is universal substitution of glass or graphic glass in interiors with excellent light transmittance, multiplied by wonderful effect of different kind of plants.

Productiom method: molding

Light Collection (PMMA) surface imitation of nephrite marble, onyx, granite.

Stone Collection (PMMA) creates imitation of sea and river reefs in your interior.

Dekorakryl resin panel is possible to purchase:

Delivery terms:


Before placing an order, please check availability.